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Amor did not directly answer

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Posted on: 06/13/18
The host asked whether Barcelona really wanted to buy Tiago. Amor did not directly answer, but said: "If Barcelona wants to sign back Tiago, then money is not a problem." Bayern currently bid 70 million euros for Tiago, the rumored parties have had contact with high-level, Barcelona's offer The plan is 50 million euro + guard Digne to buy Tiago.

The host also knew that it would not be possible to FIFA 18 Coins  explore more of the contents of the Barcelona Public Relations Director, who was known for his words. Then he went to the next topic. The host said that we heard that Barcelona has appointed Abidal as a technical secretary. Do you know this? Amor replied: "I'm on vacation. No one told me about it. I don't know anything about it." Amor was a bit of an interest. Although the duties of the technical secretary and the public relations department were different, Azerbaijan said: The news of Vidalís taking up the management of Barcelona was such that no one in Barcelona told Amor.


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