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During the month of May

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Posted on: 10/15/18
During the month of May, Psyonix announced the arrival of the Rocket Pass to Rocket League, which will include an in-depth modification of Rocket League Trading the game's current progression system and the possibility of unlocking personalization elements and additional content.

Although Rocket League has a progression system that gives us experience when playing online and offline games, with the update we can only level up when playing multiplayer games. This decision has been taken to ensure that all players invest the same time and effort.

The experience gained until the arrival of this update will be converted to the new progression system. The titles that we have unlocked will continue to Rocket League Crates be maintained, as well as new ones. On the other hand, there will be no maximum level, so we can continue climbing beyond level 75, but at the expense of increasing the amount of experience needed. In addition, the subsequent games of having reached the maximum level will be taken into account, with which we will have more experience than the one that recently arrived at level 75.


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