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The two-time world champs

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Posted on: 11/21/18
The action kicks off Friday with teams representing Europe, North America and Oceania facing off in best-of-five matchups. Teams include Evil Geniuses, G2 Esports, Cloud9 and NRG eSports from North America, PSG Esports, FlipSid3 Tactics, We Dem Girlz and Team Dignitas from Europe, and Tainted Minds and Chiefs Esports Club representing Oceania.

"What's most interesting to me is that more than last season, Dignitas comes in with a big bullseye on them," Rocket League caster Sean "Stax" Stackhouse told ESPN. "Everyone has been thinking about how to Rocket League Trading beat them but only a few teams will actually get to play them. Makes all those other matchups ripe for upsets."

The weekend begins with Evil Geniuses taking on Tainted Minds, PSG Esports versus Chiefs Esports Club, G2 Esports facing off against Flipside Tactics, We Dem Girls vs. Cloud9 and Team Dignitas and NRG eSports matching up against the winners of the first two games.

To most, the defending world champions are still the most dominant squad in Rocket League. They head into the tournament with an undefeated record in European league play and have stomped other teams in their regional championships. The two-time world champs -- their first win came under the Gale Force Esports banner before they were acquired by Dignitas -- are looking for a third title.

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